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UNH Won’t Punish Harambe Protester, Will Investigate Womens Studies Program Instead – Heat Street

The University of New Hampshire will not punish two individuals, dressed as Harambe and Richard Nixon, who counter-protested a walk-out over Donald Trump’s election, despite complaints from UNH professors. UNH’s Women’s Studies department, however, will undergo a full investigation. The two people, whom UNH could not identify (or even confirm were actually students), showed up at the protest […]

OU professor to propose Appalachian Studies certificate – Athens Messenger (registration)

While Athens County is known for embracing its Appalachian culture, Ohio University doesn’t have a major, minor or even a certificate program in Appalachian Studies. Michele Morrone, professor of Environmental Health Science at Ohio University, is working to change that by drafting a proposal for an Appalachian Studies certificate. The proposal must go through a […]

Norton 8th-grader also studies at Wheaton, Harvard – WCVB Boston

Norton 8th-grader also studies at Wheaton, Harvard Updated: 5:24 PM EST Nov 24, 2016 Norton 8th-grader also studies at Wheaton, Harvard Updated: 5:24 PM EST Nov 24, 2016 Like many 13-year-olds, Chris Strynar likes video games and superhero movies. However, he has the most fun when he is sitting in his physics class at Wheaton […]

Every household will lose £1250 a year because of Brexit, says Institute for Fiscal Studies – The Independent


Every household will lose a staggering £1,250 a year because of the Brexit vote, independent forecasters say – as they painted a devastating picture of falling living standards, including no increase in real wages for at least another decade. The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) also warned that working families will be hit hardest […]

Guest Column: Pagan Studies at the American Academy of Religion 2016 – The Wild Hunt

Guest Column: Pagan Studies at the American Academy of Religion 2016 – The Wild Hunt

[Today The Wild Hunt welcomes back religious studies scholar, author and instructor Christine Hoff Kraemer. In November, she, along with other Pagans, attended the American Academy of Religion’s 2016 meeting in Texas, and she has joined us to share her impressions. ] The American Academy of Religion held its annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas from November […]

Researchers uncover barriers to recruitment of black men in prostate cancer research studies –

Black men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer than other demographics, yet black men are consistently underrepresented in research studies, say researchers from King’s College London in a new paper published in ecancermedicalscience. The problem? Healthcare research conducted in one demographic often doesn’t translate to results for other demographics, and recruitment of […]

Britain is facing an ‘extraordinary and dreadful’ income crisis – Business Insider

The Director of the IFS, Paul Johnson Screenshot/Sky News LONDON — Britain faces a “dreadful” lost decade of real earnings growth unprecedented in the last 70 years, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said on Thursday. In its traditional post-Autumn Statement briefing, the IFS — a well-respected research house — said that the latest forecasts provided […]

Trump May End NASA Climate Change Studies So Rich Folks Can Flee Earth For Outer Space – Gothamist

Way too much of a bummer to study. (Courtesy Isaac Cordal/Flickr) Yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump told the Times he thought there was “some connectivity” between humans and climate change (surprise, there is!), but he doesn’t appear to be interested in looking into it. Indeed, Trump plans to eliminate all of NASA’s climate change research because […]

New study finds Antarctic ice growing, countering earlier studies – Fox News

Snow that began piling up 10,000 years ago in Antarctica is adding enough ice to offset the increased losses due to thinning glaciers, according to a NASA study. The latest findings appear to challenge other studies including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2013 report, which found that Antarctica is overall losing land ice. Related: […]

Revising state social studies standards a work in progress – The Tennessean

Chuck Sherrill 8 a.m. CST November 23, 2016 Tennessean Opinion Engagement Editor David Plazas talks about the proposed new social studies standards for public schools in Tennessee and some of the concerns as well as how the public can comment on them. David Plazas / The Tennessean State librarian and archivist Chuck Sherrill(Photo: Submitted) A […]

Mexican-American Studies Text Raises Questions About Textbook Adoption Process – KUT

Textbook publisher Cynthia Dunbar was defending her company’s Mexican-American Heritage book in front of the State Board of Education last week when she made an interesting argument. Historians raised issues with some of the book’s content, but Dunbar said that didn’t matter because the school board didn’t specify what type of content it wanted. “A […]

Imaging studies shed light on Zika’s effects –

TUESDAY, Nov. 22, 2016 — More details on how the Zika virus affects infants and adults will be presented to international researchers meeting in Chicago next week. Three studies scheduled for presentation at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America attempt to shed light on the mosquito-borne virus that’s linked to severe […]

Study shows how prolonged exposure to radiation steadily destroys sperm – Daily Mail

Despite all the fears about cell phones and radiation, most of us still put our phones in our jean pockets. It’s easy, convenient, and any bad effects are impossible to see. But a new study warns there is conclusive evidence that men in particular need to find another storage spot. A systemic review of 21 […]

Reviews Of Medical Studies May Be Tainted By Funders’ Influence – NPR

Enlarge this image Roy Scott/Ikon Images/Getty Images Roy Scott/Ikon Images/Getty Images When doctors want to help untangle confusing and sometimes contradictory findings in the scientific literature, they often turn to specially crafted summary studies. These are considered the gold standard for evidence. But one of the leading advocates for this practice is now raising alarm […]

We shouldn’t trust health studies that let people report what they ate – The Verge

We shouldn’t trust health studies that let people report what they ate – The Verge clockmenumore-arrow by Angela Chen @chengela Oct 6, 2016, 8:04a studies – Google News

One reason so many scientific studies may be wrong – The Conversation AU

There is a replicability crisis in science – unidentified “false positives” are pervading even our top research journals. A false positive is a claim that an effect exists when in actuality it doesn’t. No one knows what proportion of published papers contain such incorrect or overstated results, but there are signs that the proportion is […]

Latino Studies teaches beyond the textbook, classroom – The Daily Progress

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — A small but growing University of Wyoming program is taking undergraduate learning outside of the classroom to increase students’ understanding of a particular culture on local and global levels. As UW undergraduate students file into Room 255 at the Laramie Plains Civic Center, their heads all turn to the brightly colored, […]

Swearing makes you more persuasive, studies say – The indy100


Posted Wednesday 5 October 2016 11:15 by indy100 staff in news ?????? ????? ? A number of studies have concluded that swearing, depending on placement and timing, can increase the effectiveness and persuasiveness of a message. A study from 2006 showed that when the mild swear ‘damn it’ was included at the start or the end of […]

UI-led review finds brain-training companies’ studies lacking – Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

CHAMPAIGN — Are you playing brain-training games to boost your mental sharpness at work or school or help you remember to take your medicine? Don’t rely on what you learn in the games to transfer to real-life activities, a University of Illinois-led team of researchers advise after an extensive two-year review of 132 studies used […]

Gender-neutral bathrooms, high-quality ethnic studies class and … – Los Angeles Times

Anyone looking for confirmation of the nation’s cultural divide can add education and gender-neutral bathrooms to the list of proof points. North Carolina sparked a national furor by requiring transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates, citing risks to children in schools as a primary justification. California has been shifting the other way with […]

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