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Otto lets customers filter product reviews – Ecommerce News

Otto lets customers filter product reviews – Ecommerce News

Ecommerce News Otto lets customers filter product reviewsEcommerce NewsOtto has introduced a new feature on its ecommerce website. The German online retailer now offers customers the opportunity to filter the most important aspects from product reviews on Consumers now have better access to information from the … productreviews – Google News

Microsoft to add visual appeal to Windows 10 user interface with Project Neon

Windows 10 offers a number of enhancements that makes it perhaps the best Windows operating system version yet. There is the Cortana digital personal assistant, Universal Windows Platform for apps that run on desktops, notebooks, 2-in-1s, and phones, and significantly improved security. One area where Windows 10 hasn’t quite made the mark is in its […]

Lip reading AI smashes humans at interpreting silent sentences

One of the most memorable parts of Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is a plotline in which two members of the Discovery One spaceship crew grow increasingly suspicious about the behaviour of the ship’s AI assistant, HAL 9000. Knowing that HAL is constantly listening to what they are saying, they retreat someplace […]

A ‘built-in genetic circuit’ could fight cancer by starving tumors of oxygen

Imagine having cells in your body that can actively repel cancer in a way that makes it theoretically impossible for you to suffer from it. Researchers at the U.K.’s University of Southampton are doing a lot more than just imagining such a scenario. In a new piece of research, they have engineered cells with a […]

This RNI Colibri film app was designed to edit images like actual film

RNI Colibri App was Trained on Film to Edit Digital Shots | Digital Trends Home > Photography > This RNI Colibri film app was designed to edit… By Hillary Grigonis — November 25, 2016 1:27 PM ]]> ]]> A new app is aiming to recreate the color quality that often inspires photographers to shoot with […]

Pop-ups in Chrome driving you mad? Here’s how to block them

Pop-ups in Chrome driving you mad? Here’s how to block them

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet, you’re almost guaranteed to have come across annoying advertisements in multiple forms, including pop ups, auto-playing ads, and more. They’re virtually unavoidable, but you can take action to dodge them. There’s one particular ad blocking browser plugin we love when using Google Chrome, and it […]

What makes a smartphone rugged? IP67, MIL-STD-810G, and other certifications explained

The iPhone 7 may be Apple’s first water-resistant phone, but don’t go dunking it in your pool’s deep end anytime soon — after all, the company cautions that it can only withstand up to a meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. That got us wondering, just what do manufacturers like Apple mean […]

Ingenious new charger uses gyroscopes and kinetic energy to juice up your gadgets

Everyone has had the experience of running out of battery on their phone or mobile device at a totally inconvenient time. But even if you have a charging cable with you, what do you do if there isn’t a power outlet nearby? The good folks behind new Kickstarter campaign HandEnergy have a solution. They’ve developed what […]

Save big with the best smartphone deals on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here, and smartphones are seeing quite a number of price cuts from carriers and manufacturers alike. The following list doesn’t include every deal carriers, manufacturers, and retailers plan to offer, but we’ve rounded up some of the best so you’ll prepared for the big day. Here’s what we’ve found. More: The 15 essential […]

Skip the lines and save online with these 7 smartwatch deals

Skip the lines and save online with these 7 smartwatch deals

Christmas may be a few weeks out, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about holiday shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us, and if you’re thinking about giving a loved one something wearable this season, there’s never been a better time to pull the trigger. Apple has recently released a […]

AOC hails new AGON AG251FZ as the fastest gaming monitor in the world

AOC hails new AGON AG251FZ as the fastest gaming monitor in the world

Amid all the holiday and Black Friday craziness, AOC has a new AGON monitor out, and touts it as the fastest gaming monitor in the world. We’re not talking megahertz or bandwidth here of course, but refresh rate, as the new AOC AGON AG251FZ can operate at up to 240Hz and has a response time of […]

Protecting you and your neighbors from your own smart home devices

Are there Trojan horses in your home and in your neighbors’ homes and apartments waiting for signals to attack? The inherent vulnerability from untended internet connectivity is an unplanned, unsavory, and unacceptable consequence of the rapid proliferation of smart devices in homes. In an attempt to control or at least minimize security and privacy threats, a major industry […]

Sharp’s lustworthy Star Wars phones are way too cool to be kept in your pocket

Do you want a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story smartphone? What are we asking. Of course you want one, and the excellent news is one really exists, and it’s separated into two editions that show your support for either the Light Side or the Dark Side. All good news so far, but here’s the bad […]

The Best Food and Drink apps for iOS

The Best Food and Drink apps for iOS

The 17 Best Food and Drink Apps for iOS | Digital Trends Home > Mobile > The Best Food and Drink apps for iOS By Emily Schiola — November 25, 2016 6:00 AM ]]> We love our smartphones. They help us do everything from navigating to the nearest bodega to settling bets over which Tom […]

Following Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung’s battery-making arm isn’t doing very well

Samsung may have washed its hands of the mess that was the Galaxy Note 7, but the company’s eponymous Samsung SDI affiliate, which was primarily responsible for supplying the battery that was at the center of the problem, is still dealing with the aftereffects, reports Reuters. According to an unnamed source, Samsung’s largest in-house supplier […]

NASA images suggest ExoMars lander exploded during landing

The European Space Agency had high hopes for its ExoMars lander. The Schiaparelli module successfully detached from the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) that helped guide the spacecraft to the outer edge of Mars’ atmosphere. Once it was on its own, the lander began its descent to the Martian surface. Everything was going according to plan until […]

The best gaming mice on the market

If you want the best gaming mouse on the market and money is no object, the answer is the Razer Mamba. Even without its fancy ultra-fast wireless operation, its ergonomics and fit and finish are best in class. If you’d rather not spend more than a hundred dollars on a gaming accessory, there are plenty of […]

The Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy

The Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy

Picking the right gaming mouse can be tough. Do you go with the most expensive, ultra-high-performance mouse with RGB lighting, or should you opt for something a little more modest? After all, a gaming mouse will usually pull double duty as a general-purpose mouse over the course of its lifetime. We put together a list […]

LG is offering owners full refunds for a Nexus 5X hardware malfunction

When something that was out of your control goes wrong with your phone, the typical process involves making sure your warranty is still active and either getting it repaired or having a replacement sent to you. Certain Reddit users, however, have been offered a full refund instead. For these Reddit users, the problem they all faced […]

The Spyntex interlocking system takes self-assembly furniture to the next level

In a world where grown men and women still unashamedly play with Lego blocks, it makes perfect sense that sooner or later we’d want to start building our own furniture using the same kind of easy toy-like construction kits. That’s where a new Kickstarter campaign, called Spyntex, comes into play. A versatile self-assembly product composed […]

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