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August 24th, 2016 Jacob miller

Suicide Squad (2016)

While the government is not clear how to respond to an alien visiting Earth with evil intentions Amanda Waller, the leader of the secret agency A.R.G.U.S. offers a curious solution. This official US intelligence believes the answer is to recruit the most ruthless villains with deadly and magical abilities to work for them. Initially, the program did not get the green light, but when a powerful and mystical enemy threatens Midway City, Waller decided to group her team of prisoners. After being imprisoned, the seven most dangerous supervillains of the world agree to collaborate with the government in dangerous secret missions to achieve the clear record. Together they are called the Suicide Squad for the tasks they face. Now they have to obey orders or die, something that will force them to comply, Rick Flag his samurai Katana and carrying explosives implants inserted in the neck courtesy of Wayne Industries. But Waller will face more problems because a new criminal soon enter the scene. And the most wanted villain, the Joker is determined to fulfil its own plan. Download more 2016 Crime Movies with just a single click.

Director: David Ayer
David Ayer
Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie

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