South-east UK set for heatwave as parts of north face floods – The Guardian

The next few days in the south-east and the home counties are going to be very warm, according to the Met Office. Photograph: Geoffrey Swaine/Rex/Shutterstock

South-east England is set for more hot weather while parts of the north are on flood alert.

Following heavy rain in North Yorkshire, water has been gushing on to roads from White Scar Caves in Ingleton, in the Yorkshire Dales national park. Video footage from the scene shows cars driving slowly through deep floodwater.

On Wednesday and Thursday in the south-east and East Anglia, temperatures could reach the low 30s, the Met Office said.

Its spokesman Grahame Madge said: “There is a front that will be straddling the UK and temperatures to the south-east of that front will be much warmer. The next few days in the south-east and the home counties are going to be very warm, but it is a different picture a bit further north. That is where the front will have an impact.”

Temperatures further north will only reach into the low 20s, with up to 21C expected in Edinburgh on Thursday and 20C in Belfast on Wednesday.

“It is a boundary between two weather systems: we have got cooler air to the north and west, and warmer air to the south and east,” Madge said. “There is still potential for sunshine in a lot of other places – the map for Wednesday shows the cloud across the central belt of the UK, from south Wales to the Humber.

“North of that there are very sunny areas, it is a bright picture, but temperature-wise it is going to be the south-east corner that is going to see the higher values over the next few days.”

The Environment Agency has 14 flood warnings in place, including five for the river Wyre in Lancashire, and 19 flood alerts across the north-west.

Flood defence schemes are being used in Garstang and Catterall, in Lancashire, as well as Wigan, protecting 500 properties, after river levels rose.

The Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said the frontal system was currently quite weak but would gather strength as it moved northwards on Monday night.

He said it would bring significant rain to some parts of northern England, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland, with as much as 20-25mm in Lancashire and the Peak District.

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