Xiaomi Redmi 4 news, rumors, specs, and release date

Following its release of the Redmi Pro only a few weeks ago, Xiaomi is on fire. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s time to rest — the firm is now hard at work on the successor to the Redmi 3, called the Redmi 4.

But what will the Redmi 4 look like? And what kind of power will it have under the hood?


The Redmi 4 has been shown off in a number of leaked images, with the most recent leak coming from Playfuldroid. It shows a device that seems to look like many other Xiaomi phones. The images show a white phone that has a very Redmi Note 3-esque design. On the back is a camera, which is centered above a fingerprint scanner and the Xiaomi Mi logo, which is found on the bottom half of the phone. Check out the pictures for yourself below.


Supposed specs for the device have showed up on Geekbench’s database and were spotted by Xiaomi Today, indicating that despite expectations that the phone would use the Helio X20 chip, it will instead use a Snapdragon 625. That makes sense, as the Snapdragon 625 is kind of the successor to the Snapdragon 616, which was used in the Redmi 3. The Snapdragon 625 uses an octa-core Cortex-A53 processor which runs at 2GHz and is coupled with an Adreno 506 graphics processor.

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On top of the processor, according to the leak, the device will sport 3GB of RAM and will ship with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The device is also expected to have a pretty huge battery, sitting at 4,100mAh, as well as a 5-inch, 1080p display.

So how do these specs stack up? According to the Geekbench leak, the device achieved a single-core score of 929 and a multi-core score of 4751, putting it ahead of the Redmi Note 3, which has a Helio X10 chip, and way ahead of the Redmi 3, which hit a multi-core score of 2842.

Price and release date

The Redmi 4 is expected to be released alongside the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 at an event on August 25, a date that was reportedly verified by reliable sources by Xiaomi Today. While it doesn’t sport groundbreaking specs, it has a pretty spectacular price, reportedly coming in at 699 yuan, or around $ 105. More about the phone is expected to surface over the next few weeks.

Updated on 18-08-2016 by Christian de Looper: Added leaked images of Redmi 4.

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